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The Canadian Hearing Society

La Société canadienne de l'ouïe                               


Total Raised: $3326.00




Top 5 Fundraisers:
Rank Name Amount
#1 Michel David $1352.00
#2 Stephanie David $520.00
#3 Lannie Mitchell $310.00
#4 Janine Bourgeois $258.00
#5 Barb Christopher $255.00

Top 5 Fundraising Teams:

Rank Team Name Amount
#1 CHS' Community Development Council $1610.00
#2 Barb's Team $916.00
#3 We love Steph!
#4 The David Family $280.00



Founded in 1940, CHS is a not-for-profit agency and the leading provider of essential services and information that remove communication barriers, advance hearing health and promote equity for culturally Deaf, deafened and hard of hearing people. CHS is governed by a Board of Directors, the majority of which are Deaf, deafened or hard of hearing. Unique to the CHS, services are offered in four languages, English, French, American Sign Language, and la Langue des signes québécoise. When necessary, cultural translators for other languages are also utilized.

CHS offers a roster of essential services including speechreading training, hearing testing, hearing aid evaluations, workshops, residential and workplace assessments, consultations and referrals, and a complete range of communication devices to augment safety and independence. Other services include individual, family and couples counselling, advocacy to increase the accessibility of government and community services, ASL training, Interpreting, and employment services. 


Revenue from our Walk2Hear participation

will go towards 2 important CHS services:

1)   Our Hearing Health Counselling Program
which provides among other things: One to one
client &/or family counselling;  In home, office,
hospital client visits.;  Hearing Help Classes; Hearing
Health clinics;  Information, training and education
sessions for clients & family members; Advocacy on
behalf of clients; Presentations, training and
workshops to service providers;  Community
Displays;  Hearing Screenings;  Communication
Devices assessments & demonstrations; 
Communication devices loaner service;
Tinnitus and Meniere's support


2)   Our Client Assistance Fund.  The funds are be
used to purchase devices for clients who cannot
otherwise afford them;  Despite assistance from
various sources there are clients who cannot
access such assistance or who do not have the
financial resources to pay their ‘share’ of the cost

      of a hearing aid or assistive communication device.  

      CHS helps clients to obtain the devices need to live

      safely, decrease communication barriers and enable

      them to communicate effectively with their family

      and community network.



To learn more about CHS visit our website at http://www.chs.ca

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